Special Education

Special education services are provided according to the educational needs of the child, as determined through an evaluation conducted by the School Psychologist. Students with insufficient progress despite interventions may be referred for an evaluation by their classroom teacher. Types of support that may be recommended, depending upon the child’s disability and needs might include, but are not limited to: (1) learning support; (2) life skills support; (3) emotional support; (4) autistic support; (5) multiple disabilities support; (6) speech and language support; (7) deaf or hearing impaired support; (8) blind or visually impaired support; (9) physical support. This is a team decision. More information about Special Education can be found in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct that is distributed to all LVA students and can be found on the LVA website, under Parent Resources.

Margaret Giacalone
Special Education Supervisor

Phone: (610) 866-9660, ext. 3309
Fax: 484-821-0646
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