Inclement Weather Procedures

As the seasons are changing and inclement weather will soon be approaching, please review all of our dismissal and communications procedures below.

Inclement Weather Notifications - Closings, Delays and Early Dismissals
If Lehigh Valley Academy closes, has a delayed start or dismisses early, we will post this information on Channel 69’s website, along with sending you a message (email, phone and/or text message). The message will come from LVA’s phone number (610) 866-9660.  It is very important that you keep your contact information up to date. We also post the information on LVA’s website at and on social media:


In case of an early dismissal,  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. We need to keep our phone lines open to allow the school districts to be able to communicate as to what time their busses will be coming to pick up the students.  We do our best to keep all LVA social media sites and the LVA website up to date with your transporting district’s dismissal time from the LVA campus. We would like to remind you to keep your home school district’s transportation phone number in your phone. 

Please also make sure that you and your child have a plan as to what to do in case of an early dismissal. 

Extended School Program (ESP) 
If you take advantage of the Extended School Program (ESP) for your elementary aged children, please note the following: ESP opens at 8:30am when LVA has a two hour delay. ESP closes two hours after LVA closes on early dismissal days. In cases of extreme inclement weather, ESP may close earlier.  In that case, the specific closing time would be communicated directly to ESP parents. 

Make-up Days
There are two potential snow make-up days scheduled in our 2020/2021 calendar. The first one is Monday, February 15, 2021 and the second one is Thursday, April 1, 2021. Snow days will only be made up after we exceed 5. The goal is to ensure that our students do not miss out on too much of their valuable instructional time this school year. 

Since make-up days in June have very little instructional value, LVA does not intend to make-up any days at the end of the school year, unless the minimum number of instructional minutes for the school year is not met. (This would involve an excessive number of snow days or school closings and has never been necessary in the past.)  

Home District Closed - LVA Open
In the case when your child’s home school district is closed and LVA is open, your child will not have bus transportation to and from school. If you choose not to drive your child to and from school on those days, your child’s absence will be excused.