CAS is a way to help balance the academic demands of the Diploma Programme with something of genuine interest to the student.  It is meant to be an enhancement to the Diploma Programme experience and provide the student with an outlet to develop personal interests.  It is a requirement for the Diploma Programme and for graduation from Lehigh Valley Academy.
Throughout your CAS, you will engage in the CAS stages to develop a framework for your CAS experiences and the CAS project.  This will provide you a means to reflect on your experiences and develop your skills.  

CAS is not an exercise in hour counting.  The only hour requirement is the length of the program:  it takes place over eighteen months, starting in the fall of the junior year and ending by April of the senior year.  It is not simply volunteer service.  It is meant to be an engaging, collaborative, and enjoyable experience that culminates in a portfolio.  This portfolio will demonstrate the student’s achievement of the learning outcomes.  

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If you have any questions, please contact the C.A.S. Coordinator:
Mr. Andrew Hall
[email protected]
610.866.9660, ext. 4134