Registering for Exams

Exam Registration Process
  1. Complete the online exam registration form.  You MUST use your LVA email address when filling out this form.   This form is due by Friday, October 16.
  2. Your exam selection report will be emailed to you.  
  3. You and your parents must sign the form--Due by November 1.
  4. Return the form with payment to Mr. Hall--All forms and payment of the $119.00 registration fee are due on November 1.  
    1. If you are paying for your exams in full, please submit the $119.00  fee with your form.  The remaining balance will be due after registration is complete.  
    2. If you will be utilizing the payment plan, please submit the $119.00 fee with your form. Payments will then be calculated after registration is complete, and the first payment will be due on November 15.  Please see the invoice from Mr. Hall.
    3. If you were selected for an Exam Scholarship, you just need to submit the form.