School Pay

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For SchoolPay issues, please contact them directly.  SchoolPay may be reached Monday-Friday, 6AM-7PM, CST for live support at 1-833-731-2600 or anytime at [email protected]  

Registration is free & easy!
1. Go to or download the SchoolPay Payment Center app.
2. Find or create your account to add your personal information, school, and child(ren) to the account.
3. Login to pay electronically with your credit/debit card or electronic check.

With SchoolPay you can...
View every payment item relevant to all of your children.

Make payments anywhere, at anytime, and on any device.

View every payment with detailed reporting tools.

Do you need your LVA transcript?
To order, visit: Transcript Request
No registration necessary.

Visit SchoolPay:
 School Pay website

**Please note that meal payments are not processed through SchoolPay. Visit or our Nutrition Services page to learn more.