Club Sports

Tennis Club
Tennis at LVA is currently a club sport where students will learn the basic rules of tennis, tennis etiquette, and become familiar with the tennis equipment.  The goal of the club is to have students become familiar with the sport so that they can play tennis competitively, keep score, and have fun. 

Running Club
Students will learn how to become distance runners.  At running club, students learn the sport of running through warm-up activities, interval training, and cross-training activities.  The ultimate goal of running club is to have students be able to build their endurance through running, and even be able to compete in a kids fun run race.

Volleyball is a club sport at LVA and is instructional in nature.  Held in the spring season, students learn the basic rules of volleyball, volleyball skills such as bumps and sets, and how to keep score and move around on the court. 

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