In October 2018, the PA School Code was amended to include sun protection measures for students.  Section 1414.10 (2) of the PA School Code allows for the use of non-aerosol topical sunscreen products by students in school if:

1.  The product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration,
2.  The parent/guardian must submit a Sun Protection Measures for Students form allowing the student to use the topical sunscreen, and
3.  The student must also sign the Sun Protection Measures for Students form stating that they are aware of the proper use and safety precautions of the product and will handle it appropriately. 

For most students, the health services department at LVA recommends that sunscreen is applied at home prior to school for field trips and field days.  However, for students that are capable (per parent) to have and self-apply, the Sun Protection Measures for Students form located on the LVA website must be completed and submitted to the certified school nurse.

The full legislation, found on the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website can be accessed at the following website: