Mobility Devices At School

Guidelines for Mobility Devices During School Hours

Students who require the use of mobility devices (ie. crutches, splints, ect.) must report to the school nurse following injury and/or upon returning to school following a surgical procedure. The student or parent must bring documentation from their healthcare provider that includes the following:

  • Diagnosis of condition requiring the support
  • Orders for the use of the mobility device
  • Documentation that student is adequately trained in the use of the device
  • Recommendation for restricted activities pertaining to gym class, recess and/organized sports
  • Date that device will no longer be required or when further evaluation is
  •  Accommodations (ie. early classroom dismissal, assistance with books, assistance in the hallways between each class, classroom seating assignments)

Additional accommodations to consider discussing with the health care provider include:

  • Authorization for medication during school hours
  • Ice pack application
  • Elevation orders
  • Dress code alteration may be implemented based on need and physician/parent permission.