Information Sessions

All information sessions for 2023-2024 have been completed at this time.  
The deadline for application submission is March 6, 2023. The admissions lottery is taking place virtually on March 13, 2023. 

Kindergarten Sessions Elementary 1-5 Sessions
Virtual Zoom Sessions
November 30th, 2022
January 5th, 2023
February 15th, 2023
March 1st, 2023

Virtual Zoom Sessions
January 19th, 2023
February 23rd, 2023 
 In Person On Campus
January 26th, 2023
 In Person On Campus
February 1st, 2023

 Middle School 6-8 Sessions  High School 9-11 Sessions
 Virtual Zoom Sessions
January 10th, 2023
February 28th, 2023
March 2nd, 2023
Virtual Zoom Sessions
January 24th, 2023
March 2nd, 2023 

Middle & High School Combined Sessions
February 16th, 2023  - On Campus

All virtual information sessions will be conducted at 6:30PM through Zoom. Zoom links will be provided directly to families after registering for your selected session. 
Information Sessions on campus begin at 6:30PM in our K-3 Building, 1560 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem PA