Our Admissions Process

Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School is a public, non-profit charter school. In accordance with LVA's charter and Pennsylvania Charter School Law, the following enrollment/admissions procedures are followed each year.

An enrollment lottery takes place every year in order to generate waiting lists for each grade level at LVA.  This process is necessary because there are more interested students than there are open positions in LVA classes. 

Each grade level has a maximum number of 150 students. If a student leaves the school, the open spot is offered to the next new student on the waiting list for that grade.
Participation in the lottery requires that you complete all lottery forms by a set deadline.
We encourage all families to attend an LVA Information Session to learn more about what LVA has to offer your children. At the conclusion of the session, attendees are emailed a link to the online lottery form. If you do not have internet access you may request a form be mailed to you by calling the Admissions Office at 610-866-9660 ext. 3300. 

Students are enrolled or are placed on the waiting list in the following order:

1. Siblings of students who are currently enrolled at LVA and who live at the same address as the LVA sibling in Bethlehem Area or Saucon Valley School Districts receive first preference. If there are more siblings than openings at a grade level, a sibling lottery takes place.

2. Siblings of students currently enrolled who resided in other districts receive second preference.

3. Students from Bethlehem Area School District and Saucon Valley School District (LVA's Chartering Districts). 

4. Students from other school districts.

As classroom openings occur during the school year, families on the waiting list are contacted.

Please note LVA reserves the right to verify residency at any time during the enrollment process. The guidelines for residency verification are determined by Pennsylvania State School Code.