Nutrition Program

School Nutrition Program Procedures

Lehigh Valley Academy is happy to offer healthy meals for breakfast and lunch. 
Two lunch options are available:

  • Main meal (includes meat)

  • Vegetarian meal (meatless)

  *** For both breakfast and lunch, LVA implements 'Offer vs. Serve', meaning students have a choice of which food components they wish to take within the items on menu that day (state mandated regulations apply). ***

How to Order School Meals:

  • Download a printable menu from our website.

  • Obtain a hard copy of menu from the front reception area of each school.

How to Order School Meals Online

*** All orders must be submitted by the 15th of each month prior to the menu month *** 
(August Orders due Aug. 1st)

Meal Costs:

  • Lunch K-8: $3.25 each         

  • Lunch 9-12: $3.50 each

  • Breakfast K-12: $2.00 each

How to Pay for Meals:

  • Purchase online via this Boonli online ordering link: Boonli

  • Send a personal check returned to school with student or mailed to 1560 Valley Center Parkway, Bethlehem, PA 18017. (please make sure to note on check the student name and grade).

  • If a check is returned (non-sufficient funds) for any reason, there is a $20.00 returned check administrative fee. You will be required to pay cash or money order for the remainder of the school year.

Boonli Online Ordering Instructions

Free and Reduced National School Lunch Program Applications:

Instructions for Meal Application
2019-2020 Free Reduced Application

LVA participates in the 
National Free and Reduced Meal Program. If interested in applying for benefits, please apply directly on-line at:

  • If your child(ren) are new to LVA and currently enrolled in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program at  another school, you can apply directly on-line at the above address, or submit a copy of the application from their previous school. With the previous approved application, your child will be eligible for free & reduced meals for the 1st 30 calendar days of the 2019-2020 school year. You must submit a new application to continue with these benefits after the initial 1st 30 calendar days of the 2019-2020 school year.

  • The cost to families that qualify for reduced meals will be $.30 per breakfast and $.40 per lunch.           

Other Important Information:

Lunch Credits: If using online ordering, meals paid for on school cancellation days (snow days), will be credited to your online account, and deducted from future order. If student has an excused absence, please contact Lynn Berndt if you wish to have a credit.

Milk can be purchased by any student for $.50 during lunch periods.

“Fast Food” is not permitted at LVA. If this type of food is brought into school, a parent will be required to supply another lunch that meets the lunch requirement. Soda is not permitted at LVA.

For any questions or concerns about the School Nutrition Program please contact Lynn Berndt, School Nutrition Program Coordinator at: or
(610) 866-9660 ext. 4125.