Our Crest


Lehigh Academy Valley CrestThe Lehigh Valley Academy crest was created to be a historical narrative that puts a spotlight on the characteristics of LVA and the foundations of its growing success. The symbol of the book is my own interpretation of the school’s original logo, which demonstrates the foundation of LVA’s philosophy—academics. The hands, which are clasping one another, put emphasis on the community service aspect of LVA’s curriculum which all students in grades K-12 find themselves involved in regularly. The hands also symbolize the personal relationships we see so often between students and teachers and also represent parental involvement. The image of the globe with a graduation cap on top represents the students themselves as worldly scholars and the internationalism of their world here at LVA. The jaguar which rests atop the crest’s shield is an icon to which all students at LVA can relate. From as young as kindergarten up to the senior class, all students at LVA can easily recognize the LVA mascot which helps to bring school spirit to our community. Lastly, the IB learner profile traits encompass the crest to show all of the qualities acquired by the students here at Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School.

~ Kaylee Santos, Class of 2012