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LVA's Middle Years Programme (MYP) addresses student learning during a crucial time when students are experiencing significant changes and growth in their personal, social, physical and intellectual development.

The Middle Years Programme  provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills in eight subject areas that are taught through five areas of interaction. This sophisticated program "is designed to help the middle school child find a sense of belonging in the ever-changing and increasingly interrelated world around them and to foster a positive attitude to learning." (IB, 2007)

MS Students

The Areas of Interaction
Five perspectives known as the Areas of Interaction are at the core of the MYP. These include: Approaches to Learning; Community and Service, Health and Social Education, Environments, and Human Ingenuity. These permeate and reappear throughout the five years of the Middle Years Programme, through the eight subjects, but also through interdisciplinary teaching and projects, whole school activities and the MYP personal project. 

The Personal Project

By Year IV, students are expected to complete a personal project. This project is done independently and is designed to be demonstration of the student’s understanding of Approaches to Learning and one of the other Areas of Interaction. The student has the choice of topic for this project as well as the choice of which second Area of Interaction he or she will incorporate into the project. 


Community and Service

Community and Service is an important aspect of the IB curriculum and is utilized to allow students to demonstrate the characteristics of the IB Attitudes. Opportunities are embedded into the curriculum for students to get involved both within and beyond their community. Afterward, the students participate in classroom activities to reflect upon their experience and discuss how they were personally affected. To reinforce the value of activism and volunteerism, students are expected to apply what they learn in school to create their own Community and Service activities.

MYP Courses

MYP courses begin in junior high school and extend into the first two years of high school. The MYP identifies grades six through ten as Years I-V. 

 MYP  Year I, Grade 6

 MYP  Year I, Grade 7

 MYP  Year II, Grade 8

 Literature & Composition I

 Literature & Composition II

 Literature & Composition III

 Spanish Language & Culture I

 Spanish Language & Culture II

 Spanish I

 IB Math I

 IB Math II

 IB Math III

 World Cultures & Geography

 Ancient History

 United States History

 Earth Science

 Life Science

 Physical Science

 Fundamentals of Music

 Survey of Music History

 Music and Culture

 Health & Physical Education I

 Health & Physical Education II

 Health & Physical Education III

Studio Art & Aesthetics I

Studio Art & Aesthetics II

 Studio Art & Aesthetics II




 MYP Year III, Grade 9

  MYP Year IV, Grade 10

 British Literature

 American Literature

 Spanish II

 Spanish III;  French I

 IB Math IV

  IB Math V

 European History & Politics

 American History & Government

 Physical Science II


 Health & Physical Education IV

 Health & Physical Education V

 Design Technology IV

 Design Technology V

 Art IV

 Art V



Extra-Curricular Activities

At LVA, we believe in educating the whole child, which includes providing opportunities to challenge the mind and body and to promote healthy relationships with others. To accomplish this goal, LVA hosts a variety of activities and clubs both during and after school hours. To learn more, click on the links provided for those clubs led by outside organizations. For a complete list or to contact the club's advisor or coach, please visit the Extra-Curricular Activities page of Edline, our secure website for LVA families.

To learn more about the Middle Years Programme, visit the IB website at


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Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School is committed to educational equality and will not discriminate on the basis of race, ancestry, color, religion, disabilities, gender or any other legally protected classification.

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